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Graphic of Henrico County Historical Society's motto, which is Preserving the Past in the Present for the FutureSkipwith Academy in Three Chopt District of Henrico County, VirginiaLog Cabin in Tuckahoe District of Henrico County, VirginiaMankin Mansion in Fairfield District of Henrico County, VirginiaDorey Barn in Varina District of Henrico County, VirginiaBethlehem Church in Brookland District of Henrico County, Virginia

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The cemetery committee locates and catalogs family, church, and public graveyards in Henrico County, with the majority being family graveyards. Periodically, the committee meets with the Henrico County Department of Recreation and Parks to record and update the list. As of February, 2003, we have 164 cemeteries cataloged with approximately 3,500 names computerized.

Viewing Randolf Cemetery on Turkey Island, where some of the early settlers of Virginia are buried.

This list will be of service to:

  • Anyone searching for family information.
  • Land developers; a land developer must include the cemetery in their development plans, or make arrangements to have it moved to another location.

Volunteers are needed to continue this important preservation of data found in Henrico's cemeteries. Participation in this committee requires some walking and physical activity.

If you have information about a cemetery located in your area of Henrico County, our Cemetery Research Committee Chairperson(s) would like to hear from you. Please contact Henrico County Historical Society at (804)501-5682 or email us at hchsinfo@yahoo.com.

Fund Raising:

Other than membership dues, funds are raised from the sale of items listed on the Shopping page. Special projects are undertaken periodically to raise additional funding to support the efforts of the Society in preserving the history of Henrico County.


The Society receives inquiries from persons researching their family history. Committee members provide basic information to inquiries. Some of the information comes from the research conducted by the Cemeteries committee. If extensive research is required, then the Genealogy Committee will refer inquirers to a list of professional researchers.

Meadow Farm Museum, a historic home located in the Brookland District of Henrico County, Virginia.  It is open to the public.

House Tours:

This committee has created periodic tours of various historic homes and sites in Henrico County over the years. These tours have been open to both Society members and the general public. Volunteers of this committee arrange for publicity, scheduling, and possible transportation.


Dressed in clothes reminiscent of the 1800s, some of our members participated in Glen Allen Day, 2003.  They were on hand to promote both Henrico County Historical Society and Henrico history to the community.Our Society is experiencing growth in membership. This committee is expanding its outreach and promotion of the Society to the public via participation in local events. For example, here are a couple of our members representing Henrico County Historical Society at the celebration of Glen Allen Day on November 2003. Citizens expressing interest in or making inquiries of the Society receive follow up emails or mailed information from members of the Membership committee. Volunteers are needed to represent the Society at county events. To become a member of our Society, please complete this Membership Application.

Oral History:

When this committee originated back in late 1998, it studied good procedures for interviewing people; put safeguards for protecting both the interviewees and the Society in place; and studied methods of storing tapes, and investigating possible sites fortheir storage. These measures were implemented to prepare us for taping interviews with Henrico citizens.

Many of our older citizens have much information to offer. We would like to have their memories, perceptions, and knowledge of Henrico County in family lifestyles, about business, about recreation, about the county's churches and its schools; about Henrico's government and politics, about Henricos's participation in the century's wars, and in any other ways in which her citizens have made Henrico history.

The oral histories that are collected are shared in our newsletter and in the Oral History section of our website.

Sample Cover of a Henrico County Historical Society Newsletter


Current publications available to members of the Society include a quarterly newsletter and a periodic yearly booklet. These publications include information about past and upcoming events and membership information.


News and events sponsored or supported by Henrico County Historical Society is currently shared with local newspapers and publications.


Tours include local house tours as well as periodic motor coach tours to other places of historical interest. Volunteers of this committee arrange for publicity, scheduling, and possible transportation.

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