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Past Preservation - Springfield Baptist Church

Springfield Baptist Church, which was moved from Henrico County, Virginia to Goochland County, Virginia.

Springfield Baptist Church’s origin goes back to 1882. This church was destined for the bulldozer until HCHS representatives made connections with the Field Day of the Past organization and APVA Preservation Virginia who negotiated with the developer, Atlantic Development. The property had been purchased three years ago by Atlantic Development for the purpose of developing a small shopping center. The saving of Springfield Baptist Church was the result of a community working together to preserve part of its heritage.

Springfield Baptist Church, dismantled building being moved on a flatbed truck from Henrico County, Virginia to Goochland County, Virginia.

In early 2007, the church, roof on one flatbed truck and the building on another, made the trek down West Broad Street to its new home at Field Day of the Past show grounds on Ashland Road in Goochland County. The project relied solely on volunteer labor and cooperatives weather, and involved removing the roof, bell tower and steeple in addition to building a stabilizing wall.

The church sold the property three years ago and now meets at J. R. Parker High School, with hopes of eventually building a new sanctuary.

Church members have mixed emotions about moving their beloved church from the site but knew selling the church made the most sense for the congregation. The Springfield Baptist Church continues to maintain the cemetery on the grounds and is guaranteed access in perpetuity.

Audrey Winston, who has been referred to as Springfield Baptist Church’s historian, said she looks forward to visiting the Goochland site next month to discuss how the church should be interpreted. Winston was quoted as saying, “Having to leave was an emotional time, and to realize it is going to be restored and placed on some historical property was a relief. We know it will always be there.”

The church is a fine addition to the Field Day show grounds. It will sit proudly among other period buildings and be one of only a few predominantly African-American churches from its era that remain locally.

  • (Henrico County Historical Society August 2007 newsletter)

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