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Three Chopt District Historic Sites - Deep Run School

Deep Run School, today, in Three Chopt District, Henrico County, Virginia.

This two-room schoolhouse opened in 1902. Its predecessor, Stand Spring School, had been destroyed by fire the previous year. The school was in use until 1911 offering seven grades of instruction. Wood stoves provided heat for the structure and a privy was located outside. By folding the center wall of doors the space converted into one large room for weekly square dances for the entire community. The County of Henrico moved the school to this location from Three Chopt Road in 1996.

Below is article titled "Old grade school about to be in county hands - Moving, related expenses to be determined" written by Claude Burrows, Staff Writer, that appeared in March 20, 1996 edition of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. It presents the history of how the County of Henrico acquired this historic structure.

Vintage photo of Deep Run School, before renovations, in Three Chopt District, Henrico County, Virginia.

Henrico County is about to obtain ownership of the old Deep Run Grade School and move the building to a small park next to Short Pump Elementary School.

County officials are now determining how much it will cost to move the small 85-year-old building on Three Chopt Road and what renovations will be needed to make it stable.

The former two-room school was opened in 1902 on Three Chopt, a short distance west of Cox Road, and sits on property that new owners plan to use for apartment development.

Security Capital Atlantic, which is constructing the C___ Crossing multifamily complex on Three Chopt, offered the building to the county if Henrico would move it off the property. The company recently extended its April 1 deadline for moving the building to May 1.

In addition, the company offered to provide up to $28,000 in matching funds to finance the move.

Robert Finkerton, deputy county manager for community operations, said that the county has not taken title of the building yet, but "unless something unforeseen happens...it looks like the county is going to get the school."

He said the unresolved issue involves lead paint in the structure. Finkerton said he was not sure exactly what needed to be done.

There also are costs associated with building a foundation at the new site and disconnecting and connecting utility lines, he said.

At this point we don't know how much all of this is going to cost," he said.

Finkerton said the Division of Recreation and Parks has been given the task of naming the building and how it will be used.

The two-room school was closed in 1911 when the Short Pump School opened. When the property was sold, the two rooms were partitioned four rooms, and it was used for many years as a private residence.

Three Chopt District Supervisor David Kaechele said decisions about the use of the building have focused on making it two rooms again and furnishing one of the rooms like it was originally, a turn-of-the-century schoolroom.

We are hoping that county historical and civic associations will contribute what they can to the restoration of the building...and help show what a school was like during that period," he said.

Kaechele and Finkerton said a great deal of interest has been growing in western Henrico in support of preserving the former school building.

"We have received a number of letters from people in the community encouraging the county to obtain the building," Finkerton said.

Kaechele noted that the move from the school's present site to Short Pump Park would not be a long one.

"We are going to do this a step at a time...," he said. "Try to keep the costs down and let other groups join the county in the restoration."

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