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Henrico County Historical Society's motto, which is Preserving the Past in the Present for the FutureSkipwith Academy in Three Chopt District, Henrico County, Virginia.Log Cabin in Tuckahoe District, Henrico County, Virginia.Mankin Mansion in Fairfield District, Henrico County, Virginia.Dorey Barn in Varina District, Henrico County, Virginia.Bethlehem Church in Brookland District, Henrico County, Virginia.



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The links below are resources providing maps of Henrico County and Virginia for your review.

  • Colony of Virginia, 1607-1776. KMuller created this map showing the Colony of Virginia. Wikipedia offers this history: The Colony of Virginia was a British colony from 1607 to 1775. After independence from Great Britain in 1783, the southwestern portion of the original Viginia Colony became the Commonwealth of Virginia. Eventually, the remaining portions of the original Colony formed the entire states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and part of Ohio. Also displayed on this Wikipedia page is more background information about the Virginia Colony and another map showing lines of legal treaty frontiers between Virginia Colony and Indian Nations in various years.
  • http://www.vagenweb.org/1634map.gif. Virginia Colony's was first divided into four cities or boroughs in 1619; these included James Town, Charles City, Henrico, and Kiccotan. This map displays the eight original shires established in 1634; these shires included Accomac Shire (now Accomack County), Charles City Shire (now Charles City County), Charles River Shire (now York County), Elizabeth City Shire (incorporated into City of Hampton in 1952), Henrico Shire (now Henrico County), James City Shire (now James City County), Warwick River Shire (became Warwick County in 1643, City of Warwick in 1952 and consolidated with City of Newport News in 1958), and Warrosquyoake Shire (now Isle of Wight County). This map is more clear when printed.
  • Library of Congress: Provides maps of Virginia, including the two below.
    • 1770 Map of Virginia. "A new and accurate map of Virginia wherein most of the counties are laid down from actual surveys. With a concise account of the number of inhabitants, the trade, soil, and produce of that Province. By John Henry."
    • 1781 Map of Virginia.1781 Campagne en Virginie du Major Général M'is de LaFayette : ou se trouvent les camps et marches, ainsy que ceux du Lieutenant Général Lord Cornwallis en 1781 / par le Major Capitaine, aide de camp du G'l LaFayette. By Capitaine Michel Du Chesnoy (Lafayette's Cartographer)
  • http://alabamamaps.ua.edu. This website provides historical maps of Virginia. Many of these maps include Henrico County. Viewing options for each map is as a jpeg or Plugin. The jpeg selection allows panning and zooming of the map being viewed.
  • 1958 scanned road map of Henrico County. Mr. J.D. Mack provided us with this download of a 1958 of Henrico County scanned and made into an Adobe Acrobat file. Mr. Mack is a former resident of Henrico who is interested in its history, and wanted to share his scan with others. It is a very large file (20 MB), but he had to scan the map at a high enough resolution so that a researcher could zoom in and still read the markings.
  • Present day Henrico County. A description of present day Henrico County accompanies this colored map, provided courtesy of Henrico County government.

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