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Past Preservation - Leake House

Leake House, which was moved from Henrico County, Virginia to New Kent County, Virginia.

There are not many sites left that reflect the once rural character of Short Pump in western Henrico County. The Leake House was possibly the last example of a log constructed home in Henrico County. There is another in the Tuckahoe District but they don't know if it was used as a home or outbuilding.

Leake House was formerly located on Pouncey Tract Road. Listed in the "Inventory of Early Architecture County of Henrico" - reference number 43-256:

Log siding of Leake House, which was moved from Henrico County, Virginia to New Kent County, Virginia.

"Built of logs, the earliest portion of this house features a two -room plan with a central chimney built in the late 19th or early 20th century. The house may well have evolved from a one-room plan dwelling, but interior evidence indicates that it received its two-room, central chimney configuration at an early date."

Leake House was moved in 2006 in order to save it from demolition by Kerry Shackelford of Museum Resources, Inc. The original log exterior was exposed after siding that was later added to the house was removed (photo courtesy of Kerry Shackelford). It was thought to be one of the last remaining log structures in Henrico County. It was decided that the house will be reconstructed in New Kent County after efforts to keep the structure in Henrico failed.

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Pembroke Leake

Pembroke Leake is the gentleman seated in this picture.

As an interesting sidenote, below is a letter written by Pembroke Leake to his sister, Mollie on May 30, 1864. Pembroke Leake, seated in the picture, served as a Sergeant during the Civil War with the Richmond Howitzers and later transferred to Captain Osmond Taylor's Company (artillery) serving in Longstreet's Corp. His two brothers, Thaddeus Leake and Walter Leake also served. All three brothers survived the war. Pembroke and much of his family are buried at Shady Grove Church.

Transcript of a letter written by the late Mr. P.S. Leake, while he was serving in the War Between the States, at the age of 20.

Camp near Mechanicsville, VA, May 30th, 1864

My dear Sister: (Mollie)

Your letter dated May 26th was received yesterday and I was very glad to hear that you were well. I wrote you the day before we left Hanover Junction. I suppose you have received it before this time. I was very sorry about Sam. He left us yesterday near a week ago to go to Mr. Dukeís. He was very much complaining when he left. He said he would be back the next day unless he felt worse than he did. When he left I told him he had better remain at Mr. Dukeís until he got well but as I have not heard anything from him I am very much afraid that he is taken prisoner as the Yankees went very near to Mr. Dukeís, if they did not get there. If you all have heard anything from him I wish you would write me word immediately for I am very anxious to hear what has become of him. I started Henry down home on the 25th from Hanover Junction with Mr. Cauthorne and I told him to be sure and come back with him, but he did not do it. Mr. Cauthorne got back yesterday and he told me that he had not seen anything of Henry, so if he is at home I wish you would send him down here. We are about 9 miles from Richmond near Mechanicsville. Thad knows where it is very well. I guess we will have one of the largest fights about here than we ever had since the commencement of the war and the sooner it comes off the better for I am getting very tired of lying waiting for them to fight us. Mollie, I was very sorry to hear that Ben Nuckols was dead and Captain Vansurson also. I saw Billy Bowers a day or two ago and he told me that Ben Nuckols and Captain Vansurson were very badly wounded. Peter Bowles is at home sick. I am very much afraid that the Yankees will make a raid down through this neighborhood while we are down here. I have heard that they destroyed a good many houses in Carolina County. I received a letter from Bill this morning. He was in Loudon County, when the letter was written. He seems to be having a good time of it. He said he had received a letter from you. Mr. Adams, who has a son in this company, says he will take this letter by Benís for me so you will get it pretty soon. Be sure to answer this immediately. Tell Thad he should write to me. Tell Sister Nannie I will answer her letter soon. I have hardly time to write more at this time. I must close by asking you to give my love to Mama and kiss her for me and love also to Sallie, Sister Nanny, Lou, Sister Bettie and all the children, and also to Thad. Mollie has Miss Ella and Miss Florence gotton back from Stafford County. If they have not, the Yankees have them in their possession. I hope they have gotten back. I remain your devoted Brother.

P. S. Leake

  • (Inventory of Early Architecture County of Henrico, Virginia)

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