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Oral History

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   Oral Histories:

Every person has a story to share, a memory or more to record and preserve. Some stories are about ordinary people doing extraordinary feats in extraordinary times of history.

There is a study under way to establish the number of World War I Veterans alive today and the number of those that are World War II Veterans is dwindling at a rapid pace. There are extensive recorded statistics of wars but what they don't include is the human experience with eye witness reports. This emphasizes the need for collecting oral history. The Library of Congress has, since October of 2000, collected information primarily relating to 20th century wars - www.loc.gov/vets.

Our society has an Oral History committee collecting stories from the members of the Henrico County Historical Society and from citizens of Henrico County. As we collect each story, we also provide background information related to the times, places, and events of each individual. Here on our website, we preserve the oral histories of individuals to share with the public, and those of you interested in knowing more about some of our Henrico County citizens.

We would like to hear your story or that of a family member. A scan can be made of any photo without any damage to the original and we would like a brief description of military experience to be included in the newsletter and on our website.

Contact: Sarah Pace at (804) 285-8047 or hchsinfo@yahoo.com.

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