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Log Cabin

Log Cabin in Tuckahoe District, Henrico County, Virginia.

Located on Gaskins Road, this "saddlebag" log structure, circa 19th century, is unique in Henrico, being of a form rarely encountered in eastern Virginia. The building consists of two separate units joined by a commonly shared chimney of crudely-made bricks laid up in random American bond. Inside is wide pine flooring roughly hewn square and saddle-notched at the corners. The interstices were originally chinked with mud, but this has been replaced with brown tinted cement. Any original glass in the windows has been removed. The land upon which the log cabin sits belonged to the prominent Wickham family through the 1800s who may have been the original owners.

  • Privately owned.
  • (Inventory of Early Architecture County of Henrico, Virginia)

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Whichello in Tuckahoe District, Henrico County, Virginia.

Located on River Road, this privately owned structure, also known as the "Tall House", stands today on a tract of land that belonged to the Randolph family of Tuckahoe in the early 19th century. Later a Frenchman named Druin acquired the land and passed it to his daughter Catherine, widow of Charles Woodward. In 1838, Catherine's daughter, Eliza Anne Woodward Winston, sold the property to Richard Whichello, who operated a tavern here. The present dwelling is said to have been erected in 1827 by Catherine Woodward, but it could have been built somewhat later by Whichello. Local tradition portrays Whichello as a greedy entrepreneur who supplemented his income by engaging his patrons in rigged games of chance. In 1850, a cattle drover murdered Whichello after he lost a large sum of money to him in a card game.

  • Privately owned.
  • (Inventory of Early Architecture County of Henrico, Virginia)

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