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Three Chopt District

Henrico County consists of five magisterial districts: Brookland, Fairfield, Three Chopt, Tuckahoe, and Varina.

This district was created by court order in 1969. Because a considerable portion of its boundary was delineated by Three Chopt Road, it was given this name. Three Chopt Road began as an Old Indian Trail that was marked by making three notches on the trees. As the English colonists moved into the area, the road was called the King's Highway. Because there were so few roads at this time, it was not uncommon for a road to be referred by local residents as the King's Highway. More often than not, however, the road was called the Three Notched Road. A map of Henrico County dated 1819 shows the road marked as Three Chopped Road. Years later the spelling of the road changed from Three Chopped to Three Chopt, as the latter spelling is used on Smith's map of 1853. Such notables as Lafayette, Cornwallis, Washington, Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee have traveled down this ancient roadway that began at Powhatan's Village, a few miles east of Richmond and ran westward into the mountains.

The Architectural Styles page describes some of the architectural details common to chronological eras of when Henrico County's structures were built.

Three Chopt District Map, Henrico County, Virginia.

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